Óbuda Social Circle Celebrates 30 Years of Music and Culture

The Óbuda Social Circle, one of Budapest’s most renowned cultural institutions, celebrates its 30th anniversary. The Budapest Business Journal discussed the circle’s past, present, future, and what makes it unique with Mária Harsányi, who has been its director for ten years. More>>


"Autumn in the Krúdy Quarter" – Óbudai Társaskör "The Budensis social circle" 2015.

Reaching the Season of Autumn, the September's programs closing the events at Óbuda (Budensis) was connected to the harvest and fine wines namely: "Autumn in the Krúdy Quarter" at the Óbudai Társaskör „The Budensis social circle", District, III., 7. Kiskorona street – Budapest, on September, 26.2015. More>>




The New York Times

In an island within Óbuda's residences, a building dating back to the turn of the century has been restored to its original appeal. More »



First International Harpsichord Competition, Budapest

By Robert Tifft
This article appeared in the January 2001
issue of the American magazine The Diapason

When one thinks of the history of the harpsichord, Hungary is not the first country that comes to mind. Yet, as might be expected from a country that has produced so many outstanding musicians, a number of talented and enthusiastic performers have succeeded in securing the harpsichord a place in Hungarian musical life. More »

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