hüledék vetemény

hüledék vetemény
2017. March 15. - 2017. April 2.
Óbudai Társaskör Gallery

A mail art project by Máté Labus and Blanka Győri

Opening speech by Szilvia Villányi

The observation of everyday life and self-perception can fluctuate between two individuals via mail. In this art project we collect our everyday perceptions and mail them to each other. This traditional way of mail art what we expand resembles to a kind of dance, a covariance of thoughts. By sharing fragments of our inner monologues in the form of sketches and texts our own way of thinking becomes more diverse. The first gesture is to open the received package, when we invite each other to our inner thoughts, transpose to the other’s mind for a minute. While creating drawings, objects, writing short texts we do not communicate in a conventional way: the fact that both of us are alone while writing makes it impossible to merge the boundaries of the other person, both of our systems of thoughts remain coherent. Contrary to emailing post office gives an opporunity for the whole process to be created in physical and tactile space. It has a perceptible rhythm: there are weeks when we find something in the post box every single day, then a break that lasts for some days or we receive three envelopes at the same time. Getting closer and further keeps the energy and gives natural dynamics to the process. Between the threads irrespective parallel narratives appear, referring to observations noted two or three months earlier. Thanks to this non-linear form friction points and sudden changes in direction may take place at any point during the dialogue. Hand writing – what is changing all the time – is present in all of the letters (at least in the address). It always tells us something about the sender’s state of mind. The gesture has a physical and an intellectual aspect and these are inseparably linked to each other.

Opening hours:15 March - 2 April Tuesday - Sunday 3pm-7pm

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